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Manage tasks across multiple platforms in one centralized location

With Taskwall, you can integrate tasks from popular tools like Asana, Trello, and GitHub into a single, unified task view. This allows you to manage tasks across various platforms from within Taskwall, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Plus, sync tasks with popular calendar applications like Google Calendar to easily plan and track deadlines.

Taskwall - Focused task progress to improve efficiency

Use OKRs to align your goals and measure progress

Taskwall's simple OKR dashboard enables you to define and manage Objectives and Key Results at a personal level. Keep track of your progress towards achieving objectives and see how tasks contribute to your overall goals.

Link tasks to specific Key Results to ensure your work remains focused on desired outcomes.

Taskwall - Focused task progress to improve efficiency

Manage your team, tasks, and workload distribution effectively

Taskwall's basic team management features allow you to create a simplified dashboard to manage team members, including adding and removing members and assigning roles. Assign tasks to specific team members and visualize basic workload distribution across the team.

This helps managers ensure tasks are distributed evenly and identifies team members who may be overburdened or underutilized.

Taskwall - Focused task progress to improve efficiency

Twall's OKR tool has been a game-changer for our business. The real-time visibility into goal progress has allowed us to stay on track and make sure we're meeting our objectives. Plus, the seamless integration with our existing project management software has saved us so much time and effort.

Samar Kundal

Nitin Rawat


Founder, MaxusLabs

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